Proud to belong to Fertile!

Our Community

Why call Fertile Home?

This community gives amazing opportunities to all who reside here. Kids feel safe while riding their bikes around town and are able to be involved in various clubs and sports. When talking to the youth about their future, so many say that they are eager to leave this small town in the middle of nowhere and move on with their life, but many move back "home" and call this little town paradise, filled with friendly people.

Growing up in a small town has other benefits, like the life lessons you learn not only from your parents, but from others around you. You learn values like humility, love of neighbor, that hard work pays off, and always, no matter the consequences, do what you know is right. These morals are products of the generations of Americans that came before us. It is our responsibility to keep these concepts alive. In our small towns, these traits are not only ideas that we heard at one time or another -- they are truly a way of life.

Fertile boasts its location, near the Sand Hills, and is proud of the Sand Hill River flowing through the the City. It's landscape is more unique than other Northern Minnesota towns. We are centrally located where we feel rural, but big cities are just a car drive away.

More than just a beautiful place to live, Fertile is truly a place to call home. We have all the bells and whistles of neighboring cities, without the hustle and bustle.

But don't take our word for it! We've asked our residents and here are the 10 most loved attributes about the City of Fertile:

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