Fair Meadow Nursing Home Assessment

From the Mayor's Desk

Our biggest task has been a coordinated effort with Health Dimensions Group (HDG) and the administration of the Fair Meadow Nursing Home (FMNH).  We have made a large amount of progress towards helping FMNH with their debt and operating excesses. 

Recently, Health Dimensions Group finished a complete audit of the operations of FMNH.  A presentation was given September 25th at the community center. The complete report is on the city web site. To their credit, many strengths were found, namely the excellent patient care and great employees.  The City Council thanks the many people employed at FMNH who give such great patient care on a daily basis.  It was recognized!

During the audit of operating expenditures and income (not including the renovations made to the building) HDG discovered that three years ago, FMNH reported a loss of $13,000.  Two years ago, FMNH reported a $250,000 loss and last year the loss reported was $338,000 as stated in the Eide Baily audit.  HDG  projected 2017 to end with a $179,000 loss.  

HDG has proposed multiple changes to FMNH and has suggested that if all the changes offered were implemented, FMNH could turn a $570,000 savings!  This is astounding news and is an optimistic outlook for the tax payers of Fertile who are ultimately responsible for the nursing homes financial condition and debt.  Recognizing that all the changes suggested by HDG may not be suitable for our operations, the City Council and FMNH administration remain devoted to working together to implement changes that will reduce costs, increase income, while keeping the excellent care FMNH is known for. 



Fair Meadow Assessment Report

A full copy of the Assessment Report is available by clicking here. You will need Adobe Acrobat to review this report.

To view a copy of the presentation that was presented at the September special meeting, click here.


Questions and Answers

A copy of the questions and answers that were discussed at the September special meeting can be found here.